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Aden Madobe withdraws from the speaker of parliament contest

aadan madoobe

Adan Maddow announced his withdrawal from speaker of the parliament election that started  in Mogadishu today. Speaking to the MPs before the kick off the election, Adan said he decided to withdraw his candidacy due to the high number of candidates for the post. He said “ my motive was to motivate others, but I see you love the post, ... Read More »

Puntland presents to the press soldiers defected from Somaliland

ciidan puntland

Mogadishu(Mogadishu center)  Soldiers defected from Somaliland administration surrendered themselves to Putland forces in Hadhwanaag area in Sool region. A spokesperson for Putland Dervish forces said 110 soldiers armed with battle wagons defected from Gacan libaax brigade of Somaliland joined Puntland state. Puntland TV has aired images of troops said to have deserted from Somaliland. Abdi Abdullah the commander of the ... Read More »

Mohammed Waare: 150,000 households displaced in Beledweyne floods


Mogadishu(Mogadishu center) The president of Hirshabelle state of Somalia said 150,000 families have been displaced from their house at a result of the floods in Beledweyne, central Somalia. He added both the federal government and regional state are coordinating efforts to assist those displaced by the floods in Hiiraan . Waare’s statement comes after meeting with AMISOM commanders and members ... Read More »

Flood victims in Beledweyne due to receive the first humanitarian assistance


Mogadishu(Mogadishu centre) The first humanitarian assistance is set to be delivered to the flood victims in Beledweyne town central Somalia. Floods in Beledweyne resulted in the displacement of 150,000 families forcing them to seek refuge in the neighboring constituencies without food and shelter. Reports indicate that air planes carrying food supplies are due to land in airstrips in Guriceel and ... Read More »

4 soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Galkayo

Gaari Qarax

Four soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack that targeted a military base in Galkayo town in central Somalia. Al-shabab has claimed responsibility of the attack. The head of Galkacyo administration Hirsi Yusuf said four soldiers have been killed in the attack among them a military commander and two Generals, while a soldier called Abdirahman Haji pointed out the ... Read More »

Waare urges humanitarian assistance for flood victims in Beledweyn


Beledweyn(Mogadishu center) the president of Hirshabelle state of Somalia Mohammed Waare has urged the international and local organisations to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the floods in Beledweyne town, in central Somalia. In a press conference in Beledweyn, Waare said the catastrophe in Beledweyn is beyond the capacity of his administration to cope with, adding that 26 households ... Read More »

Somali government denies weapons stolen from Military training sold in Mogadishu markets


Mogadishu(Mogadishu centre) The ministry of internal security has categorically denied a report recently published by Reuters claiming Somali army guns looted from General Gordon Military base are being sold in Mogadishu markets. The spokesman of the ministry of internal security Abdiaziz Ibrahim indicated that the report in false, adding that there are no evidence showing the guns originated from Gordon ... Read More »

Mogadishu hosts an emergency meeting on floods in Baladweyn


Mogadishu(Mogadishu center) An emergency meeting is due to be held in Mogadishu to discuss how respond to those affected by floods In Baladweyn town in central Somalia, following the heavy rains in the region. The secretary general of the ministry of humanitarian affairs Mohamed Omar said  representatives of several organisations working in the humanitarian sector as well as officials from ... Read More »

Somaliland releases a well known traditional elder


Hargaisa(Mogadishu center) Somaliland has released Boqor Burmadow- a famous clan chief after two days behind bars. It is not yet officially known  the reasons and motives behind the arrest of Boqor burmadow, However, two days of public and media pressure on Somaliland authorities resulted in his release. According to the local media, the arrest came after Somaliland authorities accused Boqor ... Read More »