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Warplanes seen hovering over Al shabaab town

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Jilib (MCRS) 24 Feb. 2016 – Residents in the Al shabaab controlled Jilib reported that they saw low-level flying unidentified warplanes over the town’s skyline on Tuesday. People in Jilib have expressed deep concern over the jets which were hovering over the town, the biggest Al shabaab stronghold Somalia’s southern middle Jubba region. The anonymous fighter jets did carry out ... Read More »

Hadraawi, the great African poet we should know


Thursday, 07 Jan. 2016 “Whenever the legendary Maxamed Ibraahin Warsame ‘Hadraawi’ described as the greatest living Somali poet, walked from the conference hall, he was mobbed by the crowd.” That’s how I annotated my essay when I first met Hadraawi in Djibouti in 2012. I would sue for an interview. But it was difficult to get Hadraawi that day, as ... Read More »