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In the race between Turkey and the UAE, Somalia wins.


15 August 2017 (MCRS) The base in Somalia will be Turkey’s second overseas installation, but it will be focused more on assisting Somalia than demonstrating Turkish military capabilities. As Turkey expands its geopolitical and economic presence in the Middle East and East Africa, the projection of power through the military will be a key part of this growth. The development ... Read More »

This Is What Hunger Looks Like — Again. By NURUDDIN FARAH

2017813636381835939266576hunger again

Sunday August 13, 2017 (MCRS) Mogadishu, Somalia — As I waited for my ride to collect me from the Mogadishu airport, an officer told me an apocryphal tale: A starving goat, blind from hunger, mistook a baby wrapped in a green cloth for grass and bit off a mouthful of emaciated flesh from the baby’s upper arm. The baby’s anguished cry ... Read More »

SOMALIA: Between Terror & Tribalism


29 October 2016 (MCRS) Looking into a bird’s eye view into the state of Somalia today gives you a mixture of feelings. Sometimes I felt hope and Despair and in other I felt tragedy and recovery while utmost I felt being in between of tribalism and terrorism. In one hand we are experiencing an old and gigantic tradition which is ... Read More »



19 September-2016 (MCRS) A narrow triangle off the coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, about 100,000 square kilometers (62,000 square miles), is the bone of contention between neighboring Kenya and Somalia. Both countries want the area because it supposedly has a large deposit of oil and gas, but it’s not clear to which country it belongs. “The position of ... Read More »

A Conversation with Abdulkadir Osman, Chairman of Kulan Party.


Summary: Abdulkadir Osman is Somali Educationist, shrewd Politician and Media Expert. Abdulkadir is the Chairman of Somali Congress Party (Kulan Party), a Leading Political and reformist Party. We had an astute, multi-faced and spirited interview with Abdulkadir on the current situation in Somalia, both the challenges and the prospects for the upcoming elections. Ahmed Roble has conducted this interview for ... Read More »

Somalia joins the rest of the continent in celebrating International Day of the African Child

World Child Day

Mogadishu, June 19, 2016 – Somalia yesterday joined the rest of the continent in celebrating the Day of the African Child, with a pledge to enhance education and protect the rights of children. Top officials from both the Federal Government of Somalia and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) promised to work together to achieve the noble objective of improving the ... Read More »

Collective action needed to combat humanitarian crises

Hadliye in Humaniterian summit

Tuesday, 24 May 2016 The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) to be held in Istanbul in late May 2016 will certainly be an important turning point in the way we collectively address the challenges facing humanity. Ankara and the U.N. have organized this historic meeting together, at a time when many humanitarian crises and international challenges have caused international friction and ... Read More »

The Question of Somaliland!.


May 18, 2016 (MCRS) Today marks 25th anniversary of the secession of Northern Somalia (Somaliland) from the Republic of Somalia. The self declared state is a paradigm of Peace, democracy and Development. The secessionist idea was formulated by a structural and governmental injustice after independence and the so called genocide of the military government of Late Said Barre. Somaliland is ... Read More »

Putting People First: The Complexity of Hiran State Formation?


9 May 2016 (MCRS) The issue of Federalism was heatedly debated in Somalia’s Governance and Political arenas. The talk of federalism in Somalia goes back before our independence but the federal system of governance was enshrined in the draft constitution of Embaghati process which lastly produced this Government.  The formation of the federal member states of Jubaland, South-west and Gal-Mudug ... Read More »

Rising Malnutrition Is Overwhelming Nutrition Centre

Malnutrition Child

Thursday, 05 May 2016 Four-year-old Osman came to the Kismayo Stabilization Centre earlier this year. Suffering from Kwashiorkor, a nutritional disorder caused by lack of protein, he developed a flaky rash all over his body giving his skin a rusty look.Osman’s family lives in a flood-prone area along Juba River that is known to suffer from a disruption in food ... Read More »