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Aden Madobe withdraws from the speaker of parliament contest

Adan Maddow announced his withdrawal from speaker of the parliament election that started  in Mogadishu today.

Speaking to the MPs before the kick off the election, Adan said he decided to withdraw his candidacy due to the high number of candidates for the post.

He said “ my motive was to motivate others, but I see you love the post, therefore, I decided to quit”.

He called for the MPs to vote their preferred candidate based on his credentials.

The head of the election committee Nur Beyle said they will print vote ballots for 10 candidate following the withdrawal of Adan Madoobe.

262 MPs have witnessed the parliament hall to cast their ballots, while the speaker of the upper house of the parliament Mohammed Abdi and the head of the supreme court also arrived the hall to oversee the election.

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