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Waare urges humanitarian assistance for flood victims in Beledweyn

Beledweyn(Mogadishu center) the president of Hirshabelle state of Somalia Mohammed Waare has urged the international and local organisations to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the floods in Beledweyne town, in central Somalia.

In a press conference in Beledweyn, Waare said the catastrophe in Beledweyn is beyond the capacity of his administration to cope with, adding that 26 households are displaced following the heavy rains and floods in the town, and they need urgent humanitarian assistance.

Waare pointed out the electricity has been cut of the town, and the mobile transfer service known as AVC  is not functioning, which he said crippled the suffering of the local residents.

He praised AMISOM peacekeepers and Somali national army who are working hard to evacuate those trapped in the town.

The recent heavy rainfalls in Somalia triggered floods that engulfed the lives of at least 5 people in Somalia.


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