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Somaliland releases a well known traditional elder

Hargaisa(Mogadishu center) Somaliland has released Boqor Burmadow- a famous clan chief after two days behind bars.

It is not yet officially known  the reasons and motives behind the arrest of Boqor burmadow, However, two days of public and media pressure on Somaliland authorities resulted in his release.

According to the local media, the arrest came after Somaliland authorities accused Boqor Burmadow of damaging the sovereignty of Somalia, hours after his return from abroad.

Dozens of protesters have gathered in Ceel-Afweyn neighborhood in Somaliland yesterday demanding the release of Boqor buurmadow, saying the arrest is politically motivated and unconstitutional.

Somaliland has previously detained several times Boqor buurmadow- an outspoken critic of human rights violations in Somalia.

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