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Somali government congratulates Trump on his historic victory

10 November 2016 (MCRS) The Somali government has today sent  a congratulatory message to the US president elect, Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been declared winner in a closely contested US presidential election today. He becomes the 45th American president in a landslide victory in an election which took a sudden turn as many anticipated Hillary Clinton to sweep into the White House. The Somali president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also congratulated Donald Trump saying his government welcomes his election as the new president of the United States of America.

Speaking to Somali speaking broadcasting radio station, the Somali foreign minister, Abdisalaam Omar Hadliye said the federal government of Somalia will work with Trump in his term in office. The minister added that the US government assists Somalia in it’s fight against Al Shabaab and said he expects that the two governments may still cooperate on that issue. Hadliye said Trump was elected out of the will of the American people and that the Somali government welcomes the determination of the American people. He added that the hate speech against the Somalis in the United States by Trump during the campaign was not appropriate. He however noted the campaign was filled with harsh words as both Hilllary and Trump tried to unleash any words that could attract votes from any American voters lured by such speeches.

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