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SOMALIA: Between Terror & Tribalism

29 October 2016 (MCRS) Looking into a bird’s eye view into the state of Somalia today gives you a mixture of feelings. Sometimes I felt hope and Despair and in other I felt tragedy and recovery while utmost I felt being in between of tribalism and terrorism. In one hand we are experiencing an old and gigantic tradition which is tribalism cultivated by the system of governance today and examples of the secessionists of Somaliland, Tribal federal advocates from Puntland and the incompetent so called SFG in Mogadishu are good indicators of how hard it is to swallow the dream of seeing a democratic governance in Somalia. On the other hand we are also in a position where the global threat of terrorism has influenced us a great deal for instance Alqaeda and the newly crowned group of ISIS has bases and operation inside Somalia.

The manipulation of State formation for Hiran and Shebelle regions and the tribal infighting of Galkaio city and how the Islamist insurgent groups are capturing all the vacated areas by the Ethiopian-Somali forces gave me an understanding of how tribalism and terrorism are the two major threats to our existence. Tribalism and terrorism are synonymous ideally and feasibly nor does the earlier is less destructive than other and their connections portray a foreseeable future of destruction. The intertwined are havoc to our identity, civilization and our generations.

The duo are obstacle to our national unity and it caused to be regarded the Somalis as one of the most backward society on earth because of our non stop fighting which equals to terrorism.Before 9/11 terrorism and suicidal acts were not known and today Somalia is a safe haven for major terrorist organizations this indicates how global changes are negatively effecting Somalia. On my final words tribalism has made our lives living in hell and terrorism will clearly wipe us out of the map so that one must think of how we can save our beloved country and people and what will it take in doing so? I will take the answer and combine it into two words which are Change and Revolution. Change from Society to Governance and Revolution from scratch to building and nurturing a new and developmental Somalia. Change from multiple directions led by intellectuals & Clerics and Revolution led by Women and Youth which will counter the twofold (Tribalism and terrorism) and change it into two which are Peace and Justice.  I will leave you the revolutionary Somali song of “I AM SOMALI”.

Although I have nothing, my head is high,
I do not beg, I am rich inside with
self-respect, dignity and pride.
If you’re my foe, I’ll never be subdued,
if you’re my friend, my whole heart is for you.

Ahmed Roble Writes on Somalia’s Politics. He can be reached


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