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A Conversation with Abdulkadir Osman, Chairman of Kulan Party.

Summary: Abdulkadir Osman is Somali Educationist, shrewd Politician and Media Expert. Abdulkadir is the Chairman of Somali Congress Party (Kulan Party), a Leading Political and reformist Party. We had an astute, multi-faced and spirited interview with Abdulkadir on the current situation in Somalia, both the challenges and the prospects for the upcoming elections. Ahmed Roble has conducted this interview for Mogadishu Center.

Mogadishu Center: Hon Abdulkadir it is a great opportunity for us to come and talk to you in this 30 minute interview. Welcome and to begin with Let’s deal with this Question, tell us breifly about your background?

Abdulkadir: Thank You Mogadishu Center, I honor and applaud your work. Well I was born in Mogadishu and partly studied both in Mogadishu and Hiran region of Somalia. I had the opportunity to study My Undergraduate studies in Sudan and after returning back home I had done a numerous works both public and private notably creating a Somalia Media center which was an independent Media research and development platform in Mogadishu, Somalia. I had served as the Dean/Administrator of Secondary School and prior to that lectured SIMAD University somewhat 10 years ago; I served as the Director of Communication at Villa Somalia and also Head of Somali National News Agency (SONNA), I served as Director of Planning and International Cooperation at Somali Ministry of Education and Culture, I am Currently Chairman and founding member of Somali Congress Party (Kulan Party) and finnaly more of my hobby lies in Writing academically about Somalia’s Socio-Political issues.

Mogadishu Center: What is are the Vision and objectives of the Party?

Hon Abdulkadir: Our Fundamental objective is Somalia Political system to take and execute multiparty political system so as to get rid of the tribal system and also to make a political party which is a melting pot for Somalia’s political and intellectual elite to initiate change and revolution which can save Somalia and the Somalis.

Mogadishu Center: Tell us more about the party’s achievements and aspirations?

Hon Abdulkadir: Well we’ve made a number of achievements not only as a political party but also we’ve pioneered in forming the National Political parties Forum which unites more than 20 political parties and as the world is connected and becoming a single room we’ve communicated and formed alliance with International Political parties in the globe such as Nigeria, Turkey and Russia. We’ve advocated more on making the multiparty system functional in the legal and political aspects as well. As a political party we’ve succeeded in forming the party’s office here in Mogadishu which is operational and getting and influencing a huge number of the Society in Mogadishu & other region in Somalia. Less than year all these works and activities were extremely unachievable but we did it and it inspires us.

Mogadishu Center: After four years how do you see the current government’s achievements as a opposition political party?

Hon Abdulkadir: The government hasn’t accomplished much of what it has promised to do and to pick with the first one this government failed to introduce the country the multiparty political system in the country as it is constitutional and it didn’t more of that is the security which is absolutely poor as there is economic stagnation were lack of unemployment and skill development is existent but what I doubt more of that is how a free and just election will encounter in Somalia.

Mogadishu Center: The President produced a decree about Hiran and Middle Shabelle state formation where Bulo burti is announced to be State capital and Jowhar to host the state formation conference as there are conflicting views on this issue what is your take on that?

Hon Abdulkadir:  Well Shortly the conflicting problems arises from the state formation process and we are with the people of the two regions to have a truly equitable and justice representation we applaud the elders position on reconciliation which extremely needed not only in those regions but also nationally finally we hope the state formation completes in an appropriate and successful manner with the help of continuous consultations.  I hope the future of both regions depends more on how the politicians act and finally we are expecting to see people owned state which is much different than what we’ve seen before.

Mogadishu Center: Finally how do you see the upcoming elections of Somalia?

Hon Abdulkadir: Well I am very optimistic about the future of our beloved country this approaching elections will never be much different than the last one of 2012 as long as we refuse to change and urge the election of parliamentary system to be free and democratic as the elector system of the presidency will be democratic election. I hope and urge all the ambitious politicians to pursue their political endeavors and I am hopeful that Somalia will have a better parliament which will bring a visionary and practical leader.  I urge that corruption and mismanagement mustn’t be involved in this process. As a political party we haven’t produced our Candidate for the presidency as soon as possible we will held national conference and our central committee will choose someone who is competent and courageous enough to lead Somalia and make it Powerful, prosperous and peaceful again.

Mogadishu Center: Thank You for your Valuable time

Hon Abdulkadir: You are Welcome.

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