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3 Al-Shabab militants gunned down in Aden Yabal district

Aden Yabal (MCRS) 22 May 2016 – The commissioner of Aden Yabal district Mr. Mohamoud Sheikh has on Sunday said that the Somali National Army killed three Al-Shabab militants who have surreptitiously entered into the town.

Commissioner Aden has added that that they received the information related with this militants were given by the local residents in the town.

“The Somali national army killed three armed Al-Shabab militants who have clandestinely entered into the town and killed them and took their firearms and the ammunition they had with them” said commissioner Mohamoud.

On the other hand the commissioner of Aden Yabal district has added that the inhabitants of the district are facing acute water shortage, because the two boreholes in the district was blown up by Al-Shabab militants shortly before they were ousted from the district in early May.

Finally commissioner Mohamoud has urged the international and local humanitarian agencies to swiftly respond to the severe humanitarian situation in the district and mostly the water crises, in which can be overcome by repairing the two boreholes.

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