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The Question of Somaliland!.

May 18, 2016 (MCRS) Today marks 25th anniversary of the secession of Northern Somalia (Somaliland) from the Republic of Somalia. The self declared state is a paradigm of Peace, democracy and Development. The secessionist idea was formulated by a structural and governmental injustice after independence and the so called genocide of the military government of Late Said Barre. Somaliland is not recognized in internationally. Somaliland stopped the traditional African way of doing business with the world begging for aid, and relying on their own resources to achieve self-sufficiency but rather build their country from scratch without proper help of the International Community. The rise of Somaliland took many Europeans by surprise, as Somaliland continues developing without international aid & Investment. Somaliland barely seeks recognition from the world and in Africa the borderline Conflicts and International and geopolitical interests hinder that ambition of Somaliland becoming the World’s 196th sovereign and independent Country.

Somaliland’s peace and stability comes from a tribal reconciliation were Somaliland’s way of solving problems is based on traditional ways as the House of Elders play a leading role in solving disputes between Somaliland’s tribes  the Upper House successfully disarmed thousands of SNM militia in the beginning of 90’s while giving others vocational trainings and skills.  There are elements within Somaliland that destroy the beauty and magnificent development namely its own unity as Khaatumo and Awdal aren’t convinced in the secession project and rather pursue to join a united Somalia. Northern Somalia willfully joined Southern Somalia to form a single state and search of greater Somalia but a number Politicians Including a well know and the then powerful Statesman Sh. Ali Jiumale buraale proposed the union to be under conditions so as in the futures some sort of North-South Power sharing can be reached over the governance of Somali Republic but that became a missed opportunity and it kept Northern regions underrepresented, marginalized and to never held the country’s highest offices.  Regardless of those points the northern regions are resemblance to the rest of the country and brought incredible success and lessons that can be learned and executed in the South. Northerners become so obsessed on attaining recognition and in that journey they tried to keep the secession enclave safe and under control while losing every other thing. Somaliland could had a sound contribution and engagement on southern Somalia if it had the capacity and better persuaded to either rejoin the union with reform or agree with the south to self determination and recognition though a partition could only come into two form 1) Having a gigantic International force which advocates the recognition of a region such the case of South Sudan and 2) Deciding under dialogue and Negotiation of the parties to partition a single country such as (India & Pakistan) and Unfortunately Somaliland doesn’t have one either which make their hope of recognition into despair.

Failure of the South

The governments of Somalia from 1991-2016 failed to address the Northern issue effectively and intellectually. Debates and Dialogues are so scarce in this theme of secession and dissolving Somalia into two parts. This ideation led into balkanization since Somalia has took federal system and strived to restore peace and stability with the help of regional and international partners. Corruption, Incompetency and Poor Intellectual and Political leadership hang down the people from the south till present. Unionists and Southern politicians couldn’t propose something different, unique and acceptable to convince over Northern regions to rejoin the Union. That lack of dare, spirit and action lures nothing other than the death and scourge of Nationhood. The ego of the south restricts and hinders the idea of taking the Somali flag and making Hargeisa the capital of new Somalia. Reconciling the nation is of significant and crucial factor the modern Somali History and coward, egotist and ignorant southern Leaders can’t dare to take that mindboggling and sophisticated decision of making a new page in the Somali History. Crowning Hargeisa as the Capital of new Somalia wasn’t only my argument but Dr. Afyare Elmi a leading Expert on Somalia did argued 5 years ago and simply to add to that point a national, long reconciliation Conference and dialogue in Hargeisa on the pressing issues must come before any negotiation on the Political and Core issues of both parts Such as National Unity Governement and the unity of the Somali people is inevitable. But it will come when that unity is for the benefit of all Somali groups (clans), and at the expense of none as Hadraawi already said in an interview. Finally in a world of one people Somalia which is of 20 million can’t be balkanized and dissolved and we see the impossibility of it so let’s start to truly work together and fight for the good of all people, our common good, & gaining Leaders who are capable and trusting each other and in their respective interests working together towards their collective good.

Ahmed Roble is Researcher, Writer and Lecturer.

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