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Reasons why Somali people migrate

Thursday, 28 Apr. 2016
A migrant is a person who goes from one place to another place.
Many people move from their country to another country for many reasons which include:
The wars cause the citizens to escape from their home land to get peace in the other country and to live safely because wars can damage for their body and properties. Sometimes battles cause death and wound the civilians, also cause instability in the country.
Some tribes’ disputes for pasture or source of water like wells and Bank River. The wars between communities can cause death and wounds, also cause damage properties of the citizens. Every tribe tries to get good pasture and to receive good environment that can keep livestock.
There is unemployment these years, people go back home empty handed. Students go to school, graduate only to remain unemployed, youth are in a dilemma. Without job life is not all that fine, people need to do the best to acquire the essential necessities of life. So many people migrate to get a goodjob, peace and stability, good quality education and good health to live better life.
The wars, corruption, unemployment, diseases and poverty are all at widespread in Somalia. Agony is everywhere, people are in hunger, famine and Droughts are all over in Somalia.

Droughts are a long time period of time during which there is very little or no rain. A farm depends on the rains and good climate. When there is no or little many farms can not produce more yields , so farmers are force to escape that environment to go another area that suitable for pastoralists because farmers rely on livestock and farms.
To solve and prevent of the migrates government and communities should to do the followings:
1. To create employment opportunities.
2. To provide the youth microfinances to establish small business.
3. To held more seminars and meeting that building their awareness.


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