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Thursday, 08 Oct. 2015

Mogadishu Center for Research and Studies has always do workshops and interviews with leaders of the Parties, Politicians, Intellectuals and leaders of the Government in the country. So today, I refer you to an interview taken Anwar Ahmed colleague at the Centre of Research & Studies in the meetings with Mr. Fiqi. Ahmed He held posts in various governments in the past and he was one of the best candidates in the elections of Galmudug  Administration. The interview took place as follows:-

 Mogadishu: First, we are proud to have this interview with you, there is in the beginning of this year you and your group did a new party called Daljir, so can you tell us about the purpose and program of the party? What caused you to do a political party without  enforceable law of multy parties?

 Fiqi: First, I thank you, really you are beyond hard work and important and always you are finding a correct information to give the Somali people in a better picture of the country. After that, Daljir party has a long history, is a history of some important members who played good role in the history of the party. Those members are those who replaced the warlords of Somalia and welcomed the presidential palace and the Mogadishu airport to their government, that’s why i’m  saying has a long history. In 2012 we has been declared the platform of Daljir and it’s formation participated by politicians, academics, MPs, Ministers and Islamic Scholars and in December 2014 became a party stands to take part in the coming election. The objectives of it’s establishment that it was laying the foundation for a system that is different from the tribal-based politics in the chronic lack of results and has to change parties with new system of political views. The objectives of it’s establishment that it was laying the foundation for a system that is different from the tribal-based politics in the chronic lack of results and has to change parties with new system of political views. As well as the ability to stop groups seeking power and not passing through a system as opposition groups these two reasons was resulted the formation of the party. As well as the ability to stop groups seeking power and not passing through a system as opposition groups these two reasons was resulted the formation of the party.

 Mogadishu: It is said that the Daljir Party is the political face of the Islamic Union do have a network with that group and is a party to open towards?

 Fiqi: The Somali people is normal that to stamp you a picture which is not yours I’ll clear you that this party is not a member of the any Islamic Movement and never make any contact, not included the aims of the party if the Somali people sees they are free to leave the party not related to any Islamic movement.

 Mogadishu:  Previous President Sh. Sharif will not appear in the party. He was a great  friend for you and he is doing activities out of the country will you give us a brief the contact between Sharif and the Party?

 Fiqi: Former Somali President Sharif is really a person who has a good history in Somalia, he has done so many things and the Somali people will not forgetand some people are still missing him. . Sharif is one of the founding members of the party, is a key and cannot be discounted or cannot be left handed he is on our  head.

Mogadishu: The party will nominate a new face or while many the people are interesting will nominate the former President for election in 2016?

Fiqi: party is based advices and consultations. What we want to eradicate in Somalia is to follow one person for ever. We have a system to produce the candidates like the President, Prime Minister and members of parliament will hold a conference in this year the end of December or January. We will decide a lot of  programs and everybody can see that the ruling leaders  are frustrated and even they could the elections to a 2016 and will not bring  a single opinion of the way of voters and give their responsibilities of the selection to the regions regions of the country.

Mogadishu: The formation of the Party is less than a year, is there any success has reached the party until now?

 Fiqi: There are achievements and in a number of activities thougth there is scarcity has reached the party. The party is not only a name, but has offices in the country while the political situation is not good. A week ago we built a youth wing of the party and we are now conducting the building of women’s wing of the party. Then we will move to produce tens of thousands of the regions and we are preparing now. We’re in the middle and we are working with people to whom we are close and sharing with them hunger, distress, and death. Always we will represent the feelings of the people and can appear all of our movements. We have branches in the foreign countries and we will provide the rest.

Mogadishu: The most active members that you are one of them of Daljir Party participated the elections of Galmudug and the Speaker’s board of the Galmudug Parliament described is Daljir Party. how it happened to compete with other men who has a power and have the support of the Presidency?

Fiqi: Thank you. It is an important question. We have had a year after the 2012 elections is to test our capacity and see our ability also others are coming. The area is a good strategic place. It was our attempt to have a great ambition to scale responsibility. We want, to show the people that the administration will not be a one-man managed administration same as some administrations exists today.

Mogadishu: After Guuled win in Galmudug How do see despite there is energy shortages, and the power to most counties are in hand Shabaab and Ahlusunna also the political challenges of Ahlusunna how can you evaluate?

Fiqi: The case of Ahlusunna is an existing when this administration is building, and controls a huge area of Galmudug they have done much work in the past nine years to fight Al-Qaeda. If I would have won the elections of Galmudug, we will have agreed to unite and visit them in Dusamareb but unfortunately it did not happen. There are challenges in the area that includes the capital city of Galmudug conrols by Ahlusunna and also require solutions. now the administration is on temporarily uses Adado as capital city.

Mogadishu: As I remember you are previouse ambassador to Sudan and also studied in sudan and these days seems that the Diplomatic relation of Somalia and Sudan appears ambiguity and darkness, so how do you classify and evaluate the relationship is?

Fiqi: Sudan government is a precious friend. It is a government helps Somalia during the dark days in the aspects of health, education and others, I am one of the people who studied there. The People who are leading now  are studied in Sudan such as; Puntland, Somaliland and South Sudan are the most people who studied in Sudan. We have a very great reward. Also, Somalia and Sudan are great friends until A/kasim far. There is no a big difference, but this government are not caring the friendship between the two countries.  Apart from the current relation of this government, Somalia needs Sudan and I hope the coming governments for the future will make a concrete relationship with Sudan.

Mogadishu: How do see the statement issued by the government saying that it cannot happened one man vote in 2016? How do you see that it can be replaced?

Fiqi: It is an important question and plays a big role in the future of Somalia. In the 2012 the country is out of the transitional government and now a stable government I hope that this goverment can lead us an election of “one man and one vote”. It also that there was no expectations of a great performance. The policy of the  government edged and without an appointment, because the country through three Prime Ministers, three military commanders and the Embassies are more severe.

Mogadishu: Is there any difference among the Somali Parties Forum & Forum For Unity & Democracy?

Fiqi: Yes, There is Slide Difference and there exist similarities as well. Somali Parties Forum Unites nearly 14 Political Parties which are helping each other to make a lasting change on the political sphere of the country. On the other hand the forum for Unity & Democracy is unites Politician, Parliamentarians, Civil Society, Some Parties and Former statesmen of the country its agenda and strategy are set and formulated by its leaders but on the contrary the Somali parties forum holds monthly meeting and on a consensus its goals, vision and objectives are set. The forum for Unity and Democracy is going to transform itself into Political Party. Finally they share same objective and Goal which is change and New dawn for Somalia.

Mogadishu: Is there Political Ambition you’ve to run for 2016 Election?

Fiqi:  I thought I’ve already answered that question but again this is Political Party all the decisions come with consensus, consultations and advises the Party will hold a National Conference and will elect the individual who will represent for the next year elections and if I come out of it I will fully represent and work hard on it. If someone else come out I will definitely work with him But that decision will be made the end of this year’s Conference of the Party.

 Mogadishu: After 3 years of 2012 election how will you measure the performance of this government?

 Fiqi: I can only say it was three horrible years with lack of performance. It was three lost years. It was the worst for sure. Look the security the villa Somalia was under attack, UN compound, Supreme court, and many other places. It didn’t contribute that much to us.  The government didn’t address the economic, social needs and it wasn’t performing brilliantly. It looks that it only rules Banaadir region due to the lack of strong relations with south-west regions, Puntland and Juballand. On conclusion it was three lost years and the upcoming year will not be different.

 Mogadishu: You’ve already served as the chief of the National Intelligence services Can shed some light on your Policy regarding the Insurgent group of Alshabaab?

Fiqi: I Think we were the people who was responsible the defeat of Alshabaab in Mogadishu late 2011. We’ve used two strategy firstly we fought mercilessly and we knew them well and secondly we had our people inside them who can provide the exact information these two strategies helped us out Alshabaab.

Mogadishu: Finally how do you see the future of Somalia?

Fiqi: Well. In a way we are in despair. I am afraid of the ruling President will turn into dictator and on the other I think we are hopeful because people are getting news, becoming updated and connecting the politics and we have friend whom we can seek for help to the nationalist movement and lastly we can revolutionize the country if possible like Arab Awakening Tunisia, Egypt & many others. We will never give up and stop the commitment for united, prosperous and Democratic Somalia.




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